What is the pet ePassport?

The pet ePassport changes completely the understanding of pet identification and border control. It is a digital passport as opposed to the printed paper passports of today. With ePassport we will have better verification and a central registry for lookup.

Pet ePassport

How does it work?

Today the documentation requirements is based on manual routines. The veterinarian performs vaccination, signs and stamps the document. This is both uncertain and manipulative. With ePassport, the vaccination information is sent to a cloud and made accessible.

The old method of paper passport

Paper passport

The improvement using ePassport


What are the benefits?

The ePassport’s benefits are not only to ensure reliable data about the pet, but a digital
passport makes it possible to store vaccinational and diagnosis data, and information about the veterinarian. Also it saves time during border crossing with the use of an online app. All data will be authenticated, verified, trackable and securely stored.

Pet ePassport app

Why is it important?

Monitoring and tracking of pet movement is important for both humans and animal health. The project has the possibility for tracing and backtracking of diseases. With the project we will secure the protection of animal health and Increase animal welfare. An important goal and possibility is to decrease illigeal puppytrade. The ePassport project also has the One health perspective as a focus.

ePassport tracking and monitoring

What are the goals?

As the first country in the world, Norway and DyreID now provides for systematic collection of diagnoses, for all pets. DyreID with partners aims to introduce common codes for diagnoses and vaccination. This will facilitate for the execution of an ePassport solution for Europe.

ePassport Europe

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